Popular Wellington bike shop Bicycle Junction moves to cool new space

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Wellington’s favourite bike shop, Bicycle Junction, moves into a bigger, better space in Te Aro and adds coffee to the mix


Popular Wellington bike shop Bicycle Junction moves to cool new space

Specialist Wellington ‘bikery’, Bicycle Junction, recently moved from a tiny store in Newtown to a much bigger space in Te Aro designed by Proffer. “We sell bikes, we fix bikes, we teach about bikes and biking via our workshops,” says owner Dan Mikkelsen. “We hold events that celebrate the fun of biking. And it’s all tied together through the café.”

What are you riding at the moment?
I’m riding a Yuba Spicy Curry electric cargo bike. I can fit our three young children on board and it serves as our family runabout.

What’s a ‘bikery’ and why do you describe it as friendly?
We often refer to the butchers and bakeries of past that served a community’s daily needs, while being a place where people said their hellos and shared their news. ‘Bikery’ reflects that we are more than just a bike shop – it’s about all things bike and things you do by bike. And friendly because that’s what we are – our customers are our guests and we treat them as we would a friend we’re welcoming into our home.


What did you set out to do in the space?
We wanted it to feel fresh, welcoming and homely. We’re all about encouraging those who don’t currently ride bikes to be inspired to get riding.

Why do bikes and coffee go so well together?
Bikes are about all the other things you do in your life, like stopping for a coffee with a friend or running an errand to the shops. Bikes are becoming a ubiquitous part of everyday urban life… just as that morning coffee is for many people.

Bicycle Junction
1 Marion St, Te Aro, Wellington

Photography by: Russell Kleyn.

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