My Favourite Building: Karen Walker creative director Mikhail Gherman

Article by Home Magazine
Karen Walker creative director Mikhail Gherman.

Karen Walker creative director Mikhail Gherman. Photograph by Mark Smith.


“This building in High Street, Auckland, is a real outsider for me. It was designed by Peter Beaven in 1965 and it forms the Canterbury Arcade along with a couple of older buildings that run through to Queen Street. For me it’s a great representation of the hotchpotch character of Auckland’s inner city, the often haphazard way that buildings have been inserted and built around over the past century or so. I like the way this development has generously embraced its neighbours, creating new connections between them as well as the arcade beneath. I also like this building’s shape – the slimness and elegance of it. When I first saw it I thought it looked like something from a classic ‘60s illustration. The other evocative aspect for me is that it reminds me of a distinguished sort of gentleman – someone from the ‘60s who still dresses in a certain way. It’s a building that is timeless and yet admirably of its time.”


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