Get to know Gerty Brown’s perfectly patterned cushions

For Morag Sinclair, owner of Gerty Brown, what started as a small local business has expanded to an international homeware brand full of life, colour and perfectly clashing patterns

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Introducing Gerty Brown

Morag Sinclair: “Growing up in a creative household, I loved the whirr of the sewing machines and the speed with which you could create something – I’m not patient enough for slow crafts!”

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“I began creating cushions from recycled fabrics and coffee sacking and selling them in Wellington stores.”

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“I now work full time, designing and creating cushions and homewares which sell online and in retail stores throughout New Zealand. Creating for, and connecting with, customers is what drives my business.”

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“I have designed bespoke products for a resort in Vanuatu, a yoga retreat in Bali and a designer in Switzerland.”

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“In small business it is essential to network on social media and connect with other creatives; it’s more fun when you feel part of a community.”

Gerty Brown

Words by: Tina Stephen. Photography by: Helen Bankers.

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