Designer profile: discover Ben Glass’ contemporary wooden furniture

Ben Glass has gone from humble cabinetmaker to furniture designer and manufacturer with his exceptional range of contemporary wooden furniture 

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Discover Ben Glass’ contemporary wooden furniture

Ben Glass: “When people ask what I do, I say, ‘I make chairs’, but what I really do is draw pictures of furniture then find the best way to manufacture them into a functional piece. I learnt from the ground up and worked as a cabinetmaker before opening my own design business.”


“Designing and creating items from wood is an organic process; wood is unique and has a quality that cannot be imitated by a man-made material.”


“It has been challenging to establish myself in a market where there is a strong group of established brands that consumers trust.”


“Seeing my products in the media has been a real highlight, and last year I was commissioned to design seating for the restaurant Saan on Ponsonby Road. I love having a local haunt filled with my work.”

Ben Glass Furniture
19 Newtown Road, Ponsonby, Auckland
(09) 366 0069

Words by: Tina Stephen. Photography by: Helen Bankers.

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