Discover Arielle Mermin’s hippie chic homeware and clothing

With its laidback, Californian vibe mixed with hippie chic, Arielle Mermin’s brand of fashion and homeware has become a go-to for the modern bohemian


Meet clothing and homeware designer Arielle Mermin

Arielle Mermin: “I’m originally from Northern California and, prior to settling in New Zealand, I worked in art and wardrobe departments for both film and television in Los Angeles.”

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“Roughly four years ago, while assisting a bridal designer in Mt Maunganui, I was invited to debut my label at New Zealand Fashion Week. I had no idea how quickly – and well – the brand would be received. In its first season, I had over 10 stockists throughout New Zealand and Australia (it’s now more than 30). To say the least, I was running before I was walking!”

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“I have always loved textiles as both my parents were avid travellers and collectors of world art and crafts. We also grew up thrift-shopping in California, where my appreciation of vintage fashion grew and evolved.”

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“For me, fashion design has so many components that invigorate me as an artist. I can depict an entire story through a range, using colour, silhouettes and fabrics.”

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“From research to conceiving the moodboard, to developing prints and silhouettes, it’s such an exciting process, and to see it all come together is hugely rewarding.”

Arielle Mermin

Words by: Tina Stephen. Photography by: Katie O’Neil.

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