Blunt and Flox collaborate on a limited-edition umbrella

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Blunt’s co-founder Scott Kington says an umbrella is basically a walking canvas, so they’ve teamed up with Kiwi artist Flox – and result is stunning. Check out the limited-edition design


The artist Flox, aka Hayley King, has embellished the latest limited-edition Blunt umbrella with her trademark ferns, flowers and vibrant birds. “An umbrella is basically a walking canvas,” says Blunt’s co-founder Scott Kington. “So it makes sense for us to collaborate with artists – and we’ve admired her work for a while,” he says.

What’s the idea?
The idea is to create a new piece of art every year and combine it with a great cause [Oxfam]. Hopefully people will be looking forward to seeing who we partner with each year. I loved the Dick Frizzell umbrella and this new design by Flox is so different and incredibly stunning.


There’s a mural, too?
Yes, we’ve commissioned a mural by Flox, close to our office in Newmarket, which brightens up the neighbourhood.

You give $30 from each sale to Oxfam to support Pacific communities affected by climate change. Why is that important to an umbrella company?
I think supporting the community should be important for any business. We are all interconnected and we love the ability to use business for good like this.

Can you actually break a Blunt?
It’s possible, but you have to be trying incredibly hard or be very unlucky.

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