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Award winning architect Jeremy Salmond says this is his favourite building

Article by Home Magazine

Known for his work conserving heritage buildings, it makes sense that architect Jeremy Salmond would choose old Gisborne Gaol as his favourite building

Jeremy Salmond was recently awarded the New Zealand Institute of Architects’ 2018 Gold Medal, recognising his work in conserving heritage buildings. The old Gisborne Gaol is not far from his Longbush Ecosanctuary

“The old Gisborne Gaol is a splendid example of the traditional practice of incarcerating societal miscreants in buildings of some architectural pretension.

While modest in scale, and prosaic in its purpose, it has an imposing frontage and decorative brickwork that lift it above the mundane. There is a pleasing axial formality, offset only by a partial verandah added to one side.

The Waikanae beach front has evolved around the site, leaving it isolated like an island in a sea of grass. It is an opportunity waiting to happen, needing only a new purpose and the generous application of funds to heal the wounds of time and neglect. This stranded heritage asset is too good a building to be allowed to die. I like it.”

Photography by: Sam Hartnett

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