1154 Pastaria is the new Wellington eatery giving Italian dining a cool edge

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Familiar food with a fresh attitude finds its place in a former clothing factory. We talk to owner Leonardo Bresolin about how a great interior makes the food taste even better

1154 Pastaria is the new Wellington eatery giving Italian dining a cool edge

From Wellington brothers Leonardo and Lorenzo Bresolin, who gave the capital city Scopa and The Bresolin, 1154 Pastaria is a new eatery offering a casual dining experience. “We didn’t want it to be that stereotypical Italian restaurant,” says Leonardo, “so we’ve used tiles and traditional colours in a different way.”

What’s the vision behind 1154 Pastaria?
Leonardo Bresolin A place that makes fresh pasta daily, cooking all the classic dishes everyone can relate to, with a strong focus on quality organic, natural and free-range ingredients from New Zealand suppliers. It’s a fast-casual eatery where you order on arrival.

The restaurant is in the 1920s Hallenstein’s clothing factory – what heritage elements have you kept?
The three stained-glass window panels and front doors were all that were left for us, so it was important to hold on to this history; it not only gives character, but also holds many memories and stories. You don’t see too many original old doors on Cuba Street anymore.

We love the tiles.
Mosaic tiles felt like the most obvious choice to relate a bit of history and they have so many possibilities. We liked the idea of some pastel colours and wrapping tiles from benches up the walls.

Can a great interior make food taste better?
I think it can definitely be a factor. I mean, who doesn’t like eating at a place that looks amazing?

1154 Pastaria
132 Cuba Street, Wellington

Words by: Jessica-Belle Greer. Photography by: Russell Kleyn.

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