Stock flowers: Everything you need to know about this sweet little bloom

Fragrant, long lasting and oh so chic, stock flowers are trendy little blooms you need in your home. Check out our quick tips on how to grow and care for them


Stock flowers: Everything you need to know about this sweet little bloom

The sweet, spicy scent of stock is unmistakable. Stock is an annual plant that produces its fragrant, long-lasting flowers on long stems – all good reasons for its popularity with florists. Native to southwestern Greece and the Mediterranean, stock is famous for its strong, sweet scent. Available in various colours, stock comes as a standard head (pictured) or spray variety.

Stock is a versatile flower that can be used as a filler or en masse along with a single type of foliage to create a standout feature. When choosing the cut stems, look for heads with the most unopened buds to get the best value. Vase life is typically 5-7 days; change water daily and keep out of direct sun.

Growing stock from seed is easy – sow seed into trays or punnets and transplant the seedlings into the garden once they have a few sets of leaves and the frosts are over. Or you can try sowing directly into the garden if the weather is reasonably mild in your area.

Stock prefers cooler temperatures; in warmer regions sow or plant before it gets too hot. Choose a sunny spot with well-drained, friable soil. When seedlings are established, a sprinkle of all-purpose fertiliser once a month will encourage more flowers.

Words by: Carol Bucknell. Photography by: Wendy Fenwick.

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