Roses: Why these classic flowers will always be on trend

There’s a reason why the roses have stood the test of time and remain a classic choice. Here are some tips for arranging and growing your own


Roses: Why these classic flowers will always be on trend

Flower trends come and go but cut roses are always a classic choice. Here we have featured ‘Wedding Rose’ which is a locally grown flower specifically cultivated for cut stems.

We have arranged the roses with astilbe, bay leaves and phalaenopsis orchids. When arranging rose stems, remove three-quarters of the foliage and trim the stem on an angle, being careful of the thorns. Roses will last for 5-7 days if stems are re-cut every second day and water is changed daily.

It’s hard to miss roses at this time of year as they fill the air with their beautiful scent in gardens around the country. From hybrid teas to floribundas, there are roses to suit all tastes, with new types coming on stream every year. While some can be tricky to grow, new-generation roses such as the David Austin varieties or Flower Carpet series have less finicky habits. If you’re keen, ask the garden centre to recommend healthy varieties suited to your region. If you live in the north choose roses that are resistant to fungal disease so you don’t have to constantly spray them. Regular feeding and good sun are essential for plentiful blooms.

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