All about March’s flower of the month: Gladioli

Gladioli are a bulb flower and their distinctive height, plus the variety of vibrant colours available, makes them perfect for use in floral arrangements


All about March’s flower of the month: Gladioli

Fill a tall vase at least half way to the top with water. Position the gladioli in the vase, with shorter flowers or foliage around the opening to balance and support the height of the blooms. If unopened stems are too high and are starting to bend, the tips can be broken off without damaging the integrity of the remaining flowers. Gladioli typically have a long vase life, and will last up to 10 days if water is changed daily.

The tall, colourful spikes of gladioli make a splendid show in the late-summer garden. Most of the large flowering types we see are hybrids while species gladioli are smaller and flower earlier. All have beautiful blooms that are excellent as cut flowers and for adding vertical interest to flower borders in the garden.

They’re not fussy about soil but adding some well-rotted animal manure 3-4 weeks before planting will ensure good flowering. They also prefer a well-drained, sunny spot that is sheltered from the wind. Gladioli corms are planted in spring or early summer and need to be lifted and stored during winter in cold, frosty areas. When picking for inside, cut stems at a 45-degree angle under water and refresh water in the vase daily.

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