All about June’s flower of the month: Banksia

Spectacular and striking, Banksia are the perfect flower for your winter floral arrangements. Here we show you how to grow and style this impressive flower


All about June’s flower of the month: Banksia

Banksia are typically found during the colder months in New Zealand. Stems can last for a long time when dried, and stay true to their cut form – only the leaves crisp and change to a paler colour. We have styled banksia with toetoe and wheat to add texture and height to the arrangement. It is best to keep cut banksia away from direct sunlight to preserve it.

Named after Captain Cook’s fellow traveller and botanist Sir Joseph Banks, banksias are largely found growing naturally in southwestern Australia. Known for their distinctive protea-like flowers, plants in the banksia genus range from low groundcovers to larger shrubs and trees.

Birds love the nectar-filled flowers, as do florists, but when choosing a banksia for your garden, make sure you choose a species to suit your climate, as some do best in dry summers with low humidity. Soil needs to be well drained and full sun is best for most banksia species.

Words by: Carol Bucknell. Photography by: Wendy Fenwick. Arrangement by: Eden Hessell.

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