5 easy ways to prepare your garden for winter

Easy ways to help your garden survive and remain inviting throughout winter

As we prepare for the colder months, we need to make a few adjustments to ensure our garden will survive, thrive and remain useable throughout.

Adbri Masonry brand ambassador and landscape expert Jason Hodges says a change in temperature doesn’t have to force us to adjust how we entertain and enjoy our outdoor areas and gardens. “A little preparation and a few smart purchases can winter-proof your backyard by transforming it into a cosy feature area that will be a family favourite year round.”

Here are Jason’s top tips for getting your garden winter-ready:

1. Build a solid foundation 

“To make the most of your yard during winter, the important thing, before we even get to outdoor heating, is laying a solid foundation,” says Jason. Whether it’s creating appropriate drainage to avoid your backyard turning into a muddy mess after heavy rainfall, or laying a paved entertaining area for cosy dinner parties, there are certain basic steps you can take to prepare your garden for winter enjoyment.

Choose an area near your back door to pave an entertaining patio. If possible, pave a large enough area to fit an outdoor setting and heating unit. Covering the space with an awning or pergola helps to frame the space and makes it feel more like an alfresco room, as well as shelter it from the elements, adding to the liveability of the space.

2. Lawn loving

Winter can be a tough time for lawns but there are ways in which you can prevent this through careful preparation. Choose a slow release fertiliser and feed your lawn throughout autumn ensuring it is healthy and in good condition coming into winter. You’ll know when grass is thirsty by watching for curling of the leaves or the appearance of dry spots.

3. Choose your plants wisely 

If you are in the process of renovating your yard, it’s a good time to consider plant and flower choices. You can’t go wrong with camellias, which will flower for over six months a year in the right conditions. If you’ve got potted plants, take the opportunity to consider their position in the yard and if you can, move them to an area in the garden that may be better suited to capturing more sunlight.

4. Outdoor lighting

With those short winter days, a well-lit garden is ideal if you want to continue entertaining into the colder months. 14Lighting can completely change the look and feel of an area – opt for a floodlight that can be specifically directed at an area or festoon lighting to add ambience. “Outdoor lighting allows us to create an atmosphere for different purposes whether it’s for late night dinners or nights by the fire pit,” says Jason.

5. Warm it up

No garden is winter ready without a source of heat. Opt for a mobile heater to provide flexibility, or a stylish yet functional fixed strip heater that is perfect if you have an overhead pergola. Outdoor fireplaces are becoming increasingly popular and can add a real wow factor to your outdoor space.

Fire pits are the new water features; they are a great feature in any backyard, and require a lot less maintenance than a water feature. A fire pit will transform your backyard into a cosy and inviting space, perfect or those chilly evenings.

The article originally appeared on Homes to Love Australia

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