How to give your bedroom and living room cosy winter style

With the arrival of chilly winds and crisp frosts, it’s time to insulate your bedroom and living areas with warm, snuggly textures


How to give your bedroom and living room cosy winter style

Whether we are ready for it or not, winter is almost here and now is the ideal time to freshen up your interiors to see you through the cold nights ahead. Texture is key when it comes to creating a warm and inviting space so we’ve gathered together a host of hints and tips to help you get your home winter-ready in no time


A bedroom should feel inviting and cosy in winter, and one of the easiest ways to achieve this is by changing up your bedding.

Sheets and pillowcases

Strip your bed of crisp cotton sheets and replace them with heavier, winter-weight fabrics. Flannelette sheets will keep you toasty at night and will also be warmer against your skin when you jump into bed. From plain colours to fun patterns, the range available in flannelette is massive, which means there is a set out there to suit any decor style.

Throws and cushions

To make your bed a cosy and relaxing place to be, layer it with chunky knit throws or blankets. Add interest with ones that have tassels, pom poms or fringing. Extra cushions won’t go amiss either and are a great way to add texture to your bed.


Living room

During winter, the amount of time you and your family spend snuggled up in the living room is bound to increase, so why not introduce some new pieces to give your space a refreshed look?


New cushions are a cost-effective way to alter the colour scheme or style of your living room. Pack away those lightweight ones and grab some cushions covered in wool, fur or velvet – fabrics with a soft, warm feel. Cushions with pom poms, tassels or fringing are great for giving your sofa some texture as well. To keep costs down, consider buying new cushion covers and reusing your old inners.

Curtain update

If your curtains have seen better days and changing them is on your to-do list, consider adding a touch of luxury to your living room with a set in velvet. This sturdy fabric is a great option for soft furnishings and will serve you well for years to come. Velvet always looks great and works with a range of interior styles. Most of the heat loss in a home is through windows and, especially in older homes, a heavy material like this will help to retain that precious warm air.


Dress your seating

Regardless of the style of your armchair, whether it be a fabric or rattan style, dressing it with a chunky throw or fur blanket will instantly add warmth and texture. Sheepskins draped over the backs or seats of chairs are a popular look and add extra comfort. And remember to give your sofa some love, too!


These shorter days are the obvious time to add layered lighting to your home. Whether you love snuggling under a blanket on the sofa to watch your favourite television shows, or prefer curling up with a book in a reading chair, the addition of a floor or table lamp is a boon. A directional floor lamp can be moved to shine down on your book, while a table lamp will provide ambience and illumination without having all the lights blazing – perfect for movie nights.


Add a gentle glow to your living space with a scented candle or two. Candles emit a warm, soft light which is great for creating a relaxed, calming mood. To achieve maximum glow, place candles next to mirrors. A candle in a glass holder will also be brighter as the light will be refracted. Similarly, candles will offer more light against a white wall. Another way to boost a candle’s light power is to choose one with multiple wicks.


A spot of paint

With moody rooms very on-trend at the moment, why not give your bedroom or lounge a fresh look by painting it in a dark hue such as charcoal, black, navy or dark green? You may even find that if you apply these colours in your bedroom, relaxing your mind before sleep becomes a little easier.


Another tried-and-true way to add texture to your living room or bedroom is through decorative objects such as baskets, wooden decor items, picture frames and candle holders – these will bring instant warmth and interest to a space. Also, consider the addition of an oil diffuser in a lovely wintry scent such as spruce or cinnamon.

For bedrooms, have you discovered the magical effect of indoor plants? If not, introduce a little bit of lush greenery and marvel at the sudden injection of freshness and life it provides. And if you have a wooden floor, a rug placed under the bed means your feet always land on a soft texture first thing in the morning – it’s a treat that never gets old!

Words by: Vanessa Nouwens.

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