Trend report: Dark wood, indoor plants and light terrazzo accents

Warm wood tones, lush plants and playful terrazzo are three of the latest trends we can’t get enough of! Here’s how to use them in your home

Dark wood

From side tables, consoles and coffee tables to cabinets, dining tables or shelving, furniture in darker timbers is on the rise again. If your home features walls, flooring or furniture in neutral colours, the addition of a dark timber piece will not only add a sense of exoticism to the space, it can create drama, interest and warmth.


Indoor plants are a trend that is here to stay. Not only are plants good for us, they help to finish off an interior space. Greenery softens the edges of a room and can be added to any area in your home.

If you are not green-fingered, there is a vast array of imitation plants that look like the real thing and can simply be popped inside a decorative pot. Or, head to the local plant store and invest in some real greenery for your home. Indoor foliage is an easy way to transform your space in a short amount of time for relatively little cost.


Terrazzo is less classic than marble but more playful than concrete. One of the breakthrough materials of 2017, terrazzo consists of granite, marble, quartz and glass chips set in concrete. This combination makes for a striking chipped pattern.

Traditionally used as flooring, terrazzo is now being made into homeware including bowls, coasters, plant pots, chopping boards and picture frames. Even mugs, phone cases and soft furnishings such as bedlinen are getting the terrazzo treatment. If this playful pattern appeals to you, there are plenty of easy ways to incorporate the texture into your home.

Styled by: Catherine Wilkinson and Imogen Temm. Words by: Vanessa Nouwens. Photography by: Toaki Okano.

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