How to choose the right rug for your room according to an expert

Rugs are often the final flourish we need to complete a room. From size to finish to style, Alex Fulton shares her tips on how to choose the right one


How do I choose the right floor coverings for my kitchen and living areas?

This is a common question that I get asked about in my store (AFD Store). Rugs tend to be last on the list when designing home interiors. People often find they just can’t afford anything to decorate their floors and complete the design.

Rugs are great for defining areas, identifying zones, providing warmth, adding a textural element, bringing in colour or pattern and providing floor protection. They can be made from wool, synthetic fibres, plastic, jute, silk, or a range of other natural fibres. Like most interior design products, you tend to get what you pay for and the more expensive they are, the longer they tend to last.

Consider factors such as foot traffic, sun exposure and cleaning requirements to help narrow down what sort of rugs should go where. For example, under the area in front of the kitchen sink, it pays to have a plastic washable mat that you can throw in the washing machine or hose down as needed. Pappelina woven-plastic rugs, designed and made in Sweden, are excellent for areas such as under a dining table, in a kitchen or laundry, or across an entrance.

For areas such as living spaces and hallways, try a woollen rug, which will provide a hard-wearing, plush look with myriad decorative options to choose from. Armadillo & Co supply off-the-rack options in various sizes, colours, patterns and textures, as well as a bespoke range which you can design to fit your space perfectly.

When choosing rugs, size is a major consideration as proportions can help make or break a room. My best advice is to tape out an area first to see what size you need, then work with that to see what is available (as that’s cheaper than making to order). Also, whenever you can, ask to take the rug home on approval first so you can see for sure if it works in your space.

Words by: Alex Fulton. Photography by: Maree Homer/

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