How to style your home with a Las Vegas inspired interior

Yes, it’s true. You can create a Las Vegas inspired interior that’s both classy and fun. Stylist Amber Armitage shows us how with her statement prints and creative colour


How to style your home with a Las Vegas inspired interior

The big-city lights, brash attitude and anything-goes style of Las Vegas is a refreshing concept to bring into the home. It’s all about colour here, with bright, primary hues in slightly dirty shades evoking the vintage glamour of Vegas. Luxe velvet and glossy brass introduce some glamorous texture and mimic the hotels and casinos of the city.


If you have the space, create a cocktail corner with a hotel lobby vibe and experience the fun of a big night out without leaving the warmth of home. Add a neon light, break out a deck of cards and ask yourself, “Do I feel lucky?”


Styling tips

  • Use luxe velvet in a mix of different colours for a touch of old-money glamour.
  • Be brave with colour, particularly with primary shades of yellow and red.
  • Add a bit of brass bling in furnishings or some eye-catching lighting to mimic the glitter of the world’s brightest city.
  • Go bold with your artwork.
  • Keep personal items to a minimum to recreate that hotel lobby feel.
  • Try painting the floor to add more colour, or even consider a bold pattern to take it to the next level.

Created and styled by: Amber Armitage. Photography by: Melanie Jenkins/Flash Studios.

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