Samsung’s new design-led range will make you want to show off your TV

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With its new innovative range of QLED televisions, Samsung has created designs that are too good to hide away in the corner 


Samsung’s new design-led range will make you want to show off your TV

For design-conscious home owners, choosing a TV used to mean compromise. Select a large-screen with best-picture quality, but disrupt the styling of a room? Or choose a smaller, less obtrusive TV that won’t do justice to your favourite shows, but can be concealed when not in use?

Samsung has taken this consumer pain point into consideration with designs that look beautiful from any angle and sit seamlessly into even the most minimalist of homes. “Our design team began by studying real homes, researching ways to blend a TV into living spaces. A lot of effort ensures the TV’s premium look without distracting from the existing décor,” says Adam McElroy, Samsung New Zealand’s group marketing manager. “The design team’s first priority was to simplify the design to essential elements, re-evaluating everything from vents to cables. The premium material used in the chassis was selected with real homes and design trends in mind,” he says.

The QLED range offers three models, including the signature curved-screen Q8C. The back of the TV is considered as important as the front and, with concealed components, the TV is polished and refined from any angle. The QLED range features a sleek, bezel-less display that brings focus back to content without taking up excess space around the screen.

Clutter is eliminated with the ‘One Connect’ box, which houses electronics and ports, including wifi, USB and Bluetooth. And the messy stack of remotes on the coffee table is resolved with ‘One Remote’, a handsome piece of kit that controls the TV and all compatible media – from SKY to the Blu-ray player. For a contemporary wall-art look, Samsung’s specialised ‘no-gap’ mount anchors the TV flush against the wall. Or go for the freestanding ‘Studio Stand’, which is designed like an artist’s easel, or the ‘Gravity Stand’ for easy rotation and optimal viewing at any angle.

Television has never looked this good.

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