How to mix earthy tones and minimalist accessories with Alex Walls

Create a rich chiaroscuro effect with deep, earthy tones contrasted by pale, simple furniture and objects to brighten the mood

How to mix earthy tones and minimalist accessories with Alex Walls

If you had told me a year ago that I would be presenting a room reveal featuring a purple wall and a terracotta-coloured floor, I would have laughed.

But I couldn’t be happier with this inviting and sophisticated look for a living-room corner or separate sitting space. It’s perhaps the boldest colour combination I’ve made to date and yet it feels so right – there’s something deeply harmonious about the interplay between the beautifully rich Dulux ‘Hokonui Hills’ on the walls and the earthy Dulux ‘Earthquake Flat’ on the floor.

These shades reflect some of the latest colour trends in fashion and I love how they work together to create a moody, meditative environment. The pairing works particularly well in this space as there is a good amount of natural light to draw out the richness of the colours while softening the contrast.

I wouldn’t paint my entire house in these colours but in a well-chosen space, such as a smaller room or feature corner, they can have real impact.

Keeping the styling minimal was really important for an uncluttered look, so the simple pipe coffee tables and matching armchair are a perfect fit. The light not only adds a sculptural element but its colour and shape echo the tables, knitting the scheme together. Of course, as the weather cools, this little corner will only get cosier.

Create contrast

Accessorise this warm yet dramatic look with a combination of items in grey, black and white to accentuate the interplay between light and dark.


Styling by: Alex Walls. Photography by: Bayly & Moore.

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