7 ways to make a statement with stunning matte finishes

From bathrooms to kitchens, the matte interiors trend is proving to be extremely versatile.

7 ways to make a statement with stunning matte finishes

This year is all about finishes with the matte trend continuing to make waves. Bidding farewell to glossy surfaces that once reigned supreme within kitchens and bathrooms, interiors are adopting matte’s more organic, toned-down charm.

Here, seven ways you can incorporate the matte look in your home:

1. Free-standing baths:

A well-established trend that adds an element of retreat-style luxury to the bathroom. Matte black ups the drama and makes a punchy statement in all-white and marble bathrooms, or bathrooms with timber-effect touches. If natural light is lacking, avoid an all-matte-black tub and opt for a style with a lighter hued contrast instead.

2. Matte Surfaces: 

For a more subtle matte finish try adding a benchtop in a statement mid-grey or black in your bathroom, its a great way to achieve warmth.

3. Matte homewares: 

Matte homewares create sophisticated living spaces and are an effective way to introduce the texture into your home. Whether statement black or pastel blue, surfaces take on a more sophisticated look when paired with matte pieces of the same palette.

4. Matte black tapware:

Continuing to be a popular choice in bathrooms due to its timeless appeal. The bold finish reads edgy yet elegant and immediately gives dated bathrooms or kitchens a contemporary feel. And the simple update is a great option if you’re on a strict budget.

5. Kitchen bench: 

Using a matte finish for your kitchen bench can be a great way to add warmth and character, ensuring a sleek style that is long lasting.

6. First impressions: 

Front doors are not simply about practicality — they’re also an opportunity to set the tone of your home. Bold colours and oversized doorknobs can make an instant impression and give your home added wow factor. Adding a matte colour will give your entryway a masterpiece finish and is a clever way to disguise any bumps or lumps on the door’s surface. For a more subtle take, keep your door the same palette as its surrounds but apply a matte top coat.

7. Mix and match: 

Juxtaposing matte surfaces with high-gloss or metallic finishes is a great way to achieve depth in a room. The contrast adds a modern feel to any space. If you’ve living with little ones, opt for higher positioned gloss finishes such as kitchen pendant lights to avoid messy fingerprints. Matte cabinets and doors mean small hands are free to explore and you’ll have less to wipe down!

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This article was originally published on Homes to Love Australia

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