Makaia Carr shares her secret to blending her TV into her interior style

Makaia Carr’s secret is the Samsung Frame TV, which transforms into a beautiful piece of artwork and blends into your interior at the touch of a button


Makaia Carr shares her secret to blending her TV into her interior style

Whether it’s watching movies, sports, TV shows or gaming, big-screen TVs really add to the experience. However, as the trend for larger screens in our homes continues, more people are saying that what they don’t love is how unsightly the big screens look when they’re not in use.

For lots of New Zealanders, the TV is a central element in the home and they want it to match seamlessly with their lifestyle, tastes and home design. That’s why Makaia Carr, wellness advocate and founder of MotivateMe, chose Samsung Frame TVs for her new home.

She wanted a TV that would enhance the interior styling of her house – not take away from it. “The interior design of my home hadn’t mattered much over the years,” admits Makaia. “But now we have bought our first brand new home, the quality and styling of the interior has become quite important to me.”

Often described as a “black mirror”, a TV screen becomes an unattractive black rectangle on the wall when it’s switched off. The Samsung Frame TV changes all that by offering not only excellent picture quality, but something special, a completely new way to experience visual art and TV through a framed television panel that hangs on a wall like a piece of artwork. Instead of fading to black like most TVs, the Frame TV becomes a work of art, displaying content from a range of custom-designed digital art pieces.


Perfectly framed

Awarded ‘Best of Innovation’ at CES 2017 in Las Vegas and showcased at the Louvre in Paris, the Samsung Frame TV does more than just display a few digital images when it’s switched off – it can pass as a framed artwork. An innovative brightness sensor allows the content being displayed on-screen to adjust to the natural levels of light in the room, presenting the art in an entirely authentic way.

The Frame offers 100 pieces of art, curated from 37 international artists and designers. You can choose from a range of genres including landscape, architecture, wildlife, action, drawing and more. Visit the Samsung Art Store and you’ll find hundreds more downloadable artworks from world-renowned galleries and collections. And, of course, The Frame can also showcase your own content such as photographs in a customisable layout, which can be controlled via an app on your mobile device.

“I’m finding myself changing up the art and looking through all the options more than I’m even watching TV,” laughs Makaia. “I love how a simple swap from a cool black and white zebra to a picture of beautiful red birds in a tree can lift and change the whole vibe of the room.”


With two sizes, three different frame options and removable frame bezels, The Frame TV can be customised to suit your style and space. “We got the white frame for the 55-inch as it fits with my tribal monochrome styling in the lounge, and the walnut frame for the 65-inch as that fits beautifully with my husband’s cigar lounge-themed media room downstairs.”

When a room isn’t in use, The Frame is equipped with a motion sensor designed to automatically turn off the screen to save power when you leave the room and turn back on when you return.

The Frame TV helps keep things simple too, as it’s outfitted with Samsung’s new clear cable connection and no gap wall mount. Both features are designed to allow The Frame to be hung anywhere with ease, blending seamlessly into any living space without unsightly cables or wires. “I do try to be minimalist,” says Makaia. “I enjoy neutral and natural colour palettes, as I feel they help create a relaxing space to be in.”


The Frame’s Smart Hub also offers quick and easy access to popular content streaming apps, such as Netflix, Lightbox, Neon and Youtube from one place. You can also connect The Frame to compatible devices with the One Remote Control, including set-top boxes, game consoles, and UHD Blu-ray players.

“We love that we only have to use one remote to manage everything on this TV, including Sky and Netflix – it just helps keep the areas tidy and clutter free,” says Makaia.

These days many Kiwis are keen to ensure that technology is enhancing their life, not dominating it, and Makaia is one of them.

“We don’t have phones at the table and try to have the TV off while we eat dinner – it’s nice to know that even when it’s off, The Frame is still doing a job being an incredible piece of art!”

The Samsung Frame TV is available from all good electronics stores.

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