Kid’s bedroom ideas: How to create a dreamy, magical space

Designing a child’s room is a chance to let the imagination run free – yours and theirs. Here’s a dreamy, magical space to get you inspired


Kid’s bedroom ideas: How to create a dreamy, magical space

Children’s bedrooms are one place in the house where interior-design rules can be thrown out the window. The key objective is to create a space your child loves to play and sleep in. Kids engage with their surroundings in a very tactile way so ensure the room has some textured elements for them to enjoy; these will also give depth to the space by creating a layered look.

Getting started 

If you aren’t sure where to start when designing your child’s room and feel overwhelmed by the choices on offer, start by having a chat with them about the colours they like or a theme they might want to include. Keep storage in mind and think about a scheme that could see them through to their teenage years.

It helps to choose one item as a foundation piece. This could be a cushion, rug, art print or duvet cover. Then it’s just a matter of pulling furniture and furnishings together that work with that item. Here we have created four very different looks to give you some added inspiration and help you dream up your own creative kid’s-room design, whatever your budget.



  • This magical room is what many little girls dream of. The soft colour palette of dusky coral and pale grey was inspired by the beautiful and very popular Mrs Mighetto prints, two of which hang on the wall. These soft watercolour prints with their intriguing characters are simply divine, and the scheme forms a stunning backdrop for lots of pretty things.
  • As the bed sits in the middle of the room, the floaty linen canopy was the perfect choice as it can be appreciated from all angles and gives the space a natural symmetry. It also makes a fun hideaway to read or play in as well as a magical place to slumber. To add extra enchantment, consider attaching some tiny fairy lights high up in the canopy.
  • Don’t forget a soft rug or sheepskin on the floor to make play time more comfortable.

Created and styled by: Vanessa Nouwens. Photography by: Wendy Fenwick and Melanie Jenkins.

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