How to decorate an interior inspired by the great American road trip

Stylist Amber Armitage takes inspiration from her American road trip to create an interior palette featuring statement prints and creative colour


How to decorate an interior inspired by the great American road trip

Huge skies and long, endless roads frame the breathtaking scenery you’ll see while road-tripping around America. There’s nothing like hitting the highway in a mini RV armed with everything you need, a map and the freedom to go wherever you please. Driving from mountain to desert makes you realise how big the US is, and how small we are.


The only constants are the wide blue sky and the greys and yellows of the open road – the colours of our road-trip palette. Furnishings are inspired by the clash between man and nature, with textures such as plastic and cement paired with the colours of deep green cacti, yellow desert flowers and textured grey stone.


Styling tips

  • The grey of the road is the basis for this palette. Start with neutral shades then pack a punch with yellow and blue.
  • A simple cinderblock makes a cool, affordable side table and evokes the concrete of American sidewalks.
  • Choose lights with a vintage feel like those you see in the roadside diners of yesteryear.
  • Shiny plastic surfaces provide an interesting contrast to soft grey furnishings – white plastic still feels contemporary but has a fun, tacky vibe.
  • Try painting blocks of colour on a feature wall to frame a statement print featuring similar tones.
  • Keep your travel bag packed and ready for the next adventure!

Created and styled by: Amber Armitage. Photography by: Melanie Jenkins/Flash Studios.

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