How to use pink in your home like an adult

Interior designer, Alex Fulton shares her expert tips and proves that it is possible to use pink in your home like an adult


How to use pink in your home like an adult

I won’t lie: I do love a touch of pink in my interiors. It’s such a sympathetic and versatile shade that easily complements other colours, as well as giving a space a sense of warmth. It has more depth than white and can be used as a neutral or a complementary colour to cooler shades such as grey, blue and green. I recently added a beautiful blush shade to a charcoal, black and white bedroom and it was the perfect colour to offset the palette.

Pink is the colour of happiness and carries light-hearted connotations that remind us of the carefree days of childhood, thereby creating a soothing effect. It is also associated with good health and contentment (for instance, to be “tickled pink”). In interiors, pink creates a sense of comfort and calm.

Dulux recently released more than 120 new pinks that will get your creative juices flowing, from barely-there blushes such as ‘Tokaanu’ and ‘Parihaka’ to dirty pinks like ‘Point England’ and ‘Otautau’, and more intense pinks like ‘Techno Pink’ and ‘Vivian Street’.

If you are a little hesitant, start with pink touches such as a feature wall behind the bed, in the laundry or in a smaller space. Painting skirtings or the edge of a door could be just enough pink for you to decide if you like it or not. If painting seems too extreme, try adding homeware such as cushions, pillowcases, throws and artwork. Baby pink = baby steps!

Lastly, just do it – it’s a very intuitive thing to listen to how a colour makes you feel, and finding your own colour voice is half the battle.

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