How to create texture with lights and cushions

Texture is an important element of interior design that is often forgotten. YH&G teamed up with two homeowners to show how you can create a chic, cosy interior using layers of lovely texture


How to create texture with lights and cushions

Simon and Jude Woodward have spent the past two years respectfully renovating a rundown 1885 worker’s cottage in Hobsonville. The now-gorgeous home features beautiful textures which add warmth to the space, along with plenty of unadorned timber.

The couple chose Resene ‘Half Truffle’ for the walls in the living room, with skirting boards, frames and architraves painted in Resene ‘Alabaster’. Using a soft, neutral wall colour rather than white makes the room feel calm and warm rather than bright and stark.


  • Lighting placed at different levels – including ceiling lights, a central pendant, a floor lamp, table lamp and candles – also adds texture and allows the atmosphere of the room to be instantly changed depending on which lights are used.


  • Combine colours as well as textures, and mix plain dark tones with knitted covers.
  • Choose different shapes, combining long lumbar cushions with traditional square ones.
  • A large textured  floor cushion or pouf creates a cosy and relaxed room.
  • Rough textures make a room feel warmer and more grounded, while we tend to associate sleek finishes with a modern look.

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Flynn two-seater sofa, $2599, from Dawson Furniture; Moroccan wedding pouf, $399, from Ses & Jen; rectangular linen check cushion, $180, from Indie Home Collective; Colette cushion (criss-cross), $39.95, from Freedom; lamp, $110, from Junk & Disorderly; stool, $219, from Leopold Hall; vase, $66, from Republic. Curtains and pale cushion, home owners own.

Styling by: Catherine Wilkinson and Shani Luckman. Photography by: Melanie Jenkins.

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