How to match your flooring to your interior style like an expert

Choosing flooring that matches your decor and complements the era of your home is an insider trick that can take your interior style to the next level

Scandinavian Style

Scandi design is a strong and flexible trend that can work well in a number of environments. Palettes are muted or washed out but still hold a hint of colour. Fabrics and furnishings are textured and layered using a subtle balance of two or three colours or a single hue in different strengths.

Flooring reflects a ‘less is more’ approach, favouring wide boards in pale wood. Rugs, rather than carpet, bring softness and warmth to rooms – a great tip is to get carpet cut to size and overlocked; that way you save yourself a few dollars and have a rug that’s custom-made for your space. Use a carpet that has a lovely texture underfoot such as a loop-pile type like Natural Formations ‘Hanging Rock’ or any Rhino carpet. This is a wonderful interior style for open-plan living and apartments where you want to maximise the feeling of space.

Heritage Homes

Buildings with a rich design history will need care and attention as well as a carefully considered design treatment. Our old villas and Californian-style bungalows require a softer approach with warmer colours and gentle textures and patterns that complement their age.

Flooring plays a large part in the overall feel of an older home, grounding the interior scheme and allowing you to build and layer your look. Floorboards in these houses are typically narrow and coloured in honey tones. If you’re laying new flooring, look at a board with a rustic grade finish so it shows some character, and keep the colour somewhere between lighter blond and warm chestnut. Alternatively, wider boards can also make a fabulous design statement. Rugs and carpet are ideal for bedrooms, hallways and stairs. A carpet runner for the stairs is a great way of adding an extra design detail.

Choose carpet in warm mule tones or stony taupes, and add a loop-pile cut if you desire further texture and layering. If your floors are honey-toned, stick with a beige colourway – this may sound boring but it works! Try to find one that is not too yellow; go for sand tones instead. If you have a good light source, chocolate and richer browns can also work well.

Mid-century Modern

Pattern plays an important role in this style era. The mid-century modern design movement was born out of the post-war period when people lived with less and good design was required for both form and function. Loved for its simple lines, mid-century style has stood the test of time, and its clean shapes also work well with other design periods.

Its mix of metal, wood, texture and pattern is particularly suited to interiors with an industrial feel. Vinyl plank flooring is a fabulous choice for this style and comes in a multitude of colour, pattern, texture and size options, in addition to being highly durable and cost-effective. Carpet with texture, colour, a mixed weave and a long pile length is another excellent fit.

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