How to add colour to your bathroom with Alex Fulton

Finding the right piece to make a colourful splash in a family bathroom is all about research and creative thinking, says Alex 


How to add colour to your bathroom with Alex Fulton

Adding colour into a neutral space such as a bathroom is about balance and being clever with your colour palette. It’s also about planning ahead, deciding what your colours will be and sticking to a plan. Aim for three or four colours that sit right with you and let those be your guide.

Unfortunately, chrome is still the major player when it comes to tapware and bathroom accessories, but ask your local supplier what’s available as they often don’t hold colourful items in stock but can order them in.

Coloured tapware, sinks and even toilets are making a comeback, which is refreshing and allows us to be a little more creative in our bathrooms. If there’s something that doesn’t come in the colour you are after, you could try to customise it. I have had heated towel rails, hooks and toilet-roll holders spray-painted to really great effect. If all that seems far too permanent, there’s always the good ol’ coloured towels and bathmat to fall back on!

Try these suppliers to get your mitts on some colourful accessories:

Words by: Alex Fulton.

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