5 expert tips for finding affordable art for your home

Adding interest to your interior can be as simple as hanging some art. Alex Fulton gives us her 5 tips for finding affordable pieces


How to buy affordable art for your home with Alex Fulton

I’m pleased to report that you have some excellent and affordable art options available from very clever local and overseas talent. Here are some of my tips for bringing affordable art into your home:

1. Buy the print

Splashing out on the real thing may not be in your current budget or headspace, so we thank those clever artists who make their works into more affordable art prints. These can vary in price depending on the material the artist chooses to print on and whether the prints are limited editions.

2. Go to the source

Often art is shown in galleries, which can add to a work’s price tag. Dealing directly with the artist may bring the price down.

3. Try art auctions

Often art can be picked up at a better price through art auctions. Many schools use these auctions to raise money and, depending on the artist, the reserve can vary, offering a chance to pick up a bargain while supporting local schools.

4. Cheap and cheerful

A lot of the big-name retail chains such as Kmart are providing us with some well-priced artworks that look pretty good, are a decent size, on-trend and already framed.

5. Alternative framing

While framing is the best way to make a piece of art shine, framing is expensive and pushes up the final cost of an artwork. There are some cunning and cheap alternatives for hanging prints, such as wooden magnetic hangers, UHU ProPower Tac (stronger than Blu-Tack) or good old bulldog clips.

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