6 tips to help you decorate a rumpus room on a budget

Interior designer, Alex Fulton shares her tips on how to think outside the box and get creative when decorating a rumpus room for your kids


6 tips to help you decorate a rumpus room on a budget

Lucky kids! Rumpus rooms are a fun space to fit out. Right, let’s get our budget hats on and come up with some ideas for how you can complete this room without breaking the bank.

1. First, figure out what money you can spend on this space – knowing your budget is crucial for any interior design project because it dictates what price range you will be focusing on. For this scenario, I’m aiming for the lower end.

2. Map out the room and work out how the space will be organised. This is especially important in large spaces that can be divided into zones. Grab some graph paper and make a scale diagram of the space. When options present themselves, you can sketch them out to see if they fit into your plan.

3. Once you know what you need, you can spend time searching. Focus on sale items, secondhand shops and preloved websites. Local Facebook pages are ideal if you don’t want to pay for freight as shipping can make a cheap piece of furniture a lot more expensive. The key is to make sure you are 100 percent sure an item will fit the space. Don’t forget to check it will fit through the door, too!

4. If the perfect item does not present itself, use a mix of pieces but create cohesion by covering them with complementary throws and covers.

5. Use alternatives to hard furniture and fill the room with beanbags, floor cushions, hanging chairs and beds. These could even double as extra sleeping space next time you have guests to stay.

6. The trick is to get creative. If you have any handy people available, maybe you can make some sofa bases out of pallets and top them with re-covered mattresses? Have fun with the space, try some new things and think outside the box.

Words by: Alex Fulton. Photography by: Nick Scott/

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