How to layer textures to make your home feel cosy

Natural textures are a great way to bring the calm of the outdoors to your indoor spaces. Get started with a textural carpet and natural flooring

How to layer textures to make your home feel cosy

Texture is a key trend at the moment, especially texture inspired by nature. Natural textures remind us of the outdoors and are important to integrate into the home. Start with light wooden flooring, then layer a large carpet piece such as Dry Martini Shaken from Carpet Court on top. Try this concept in your homeware too – woven wall hangings, bamboo light shades and woven baskets all work well.

Change it up

Tired of your boring floor? Try the Scandia range of luxe vinyl plank flooring from Carpet Court for an on-trend update. Next, add a warm, textural carpet piece on top. The beauty of a non-fixed carpet is that if you want a new colour or just need a change, you can easily select and install a new piece from the Carpet Court range. This approach is great for adapting to the changing seasons, too – put your carpet down during winter and lift it up in the summer to expose your hardwood flooring.

Layer it

Make your carpet a feature in your space. Choose a tone that complements your flooring and decide how much or how little of the floor you want to leave exposed. Finish off by layering your soft furnishings such as natural-coloured linens and throws to create a cosy and inviting space.

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Words by: Catherine Wilkinson. Photography by: Pablo Martin/

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