4 rules to follow when creating a room with an eclectic look

An eclectic style celebrates differences, adds colour and sparks curiosity, but achieving it means following a few rules


4 rules to follow when creating a room with an eclectic look

Combining different themes, mediums and elements of design, gathered from varying sources, is a style that’s easy to love, but can be tricky to pull together. We have collected four eclectic spaces to showcase the look, all of which are unique, dynamic and not for the faint-hearted. Each has a summer vibe and can easily be achieved with a little know-how. Follow our top tips for getting eclectic style right.

1. Be consistent

For a home to flow, it’s important to carry the eclectic theme from room to room so they complement each other. Otherwise your home will appear disjointed.


2. Create a focal point

Two of the featured rooms have stunning tropical wallpaper murals as their focal point. A focal point grounds the room and allows for the layering of other items on and around it. Remember, a focal point is just that – the focus – so make sure that the other pieces don’t take over.


3. Starting point

Whatever the style, a great room design requires something to begin with and build on. Often people use an evocative artwork to define the palette for the room, or a beautiful rug or decorative object. A good example is the room pictured below. Here colours from the abstract artwork have been pulled through into the blue pendant light and the multicoloured rug and cushions.


4. Mix it up

Rooms where eclectic style is at play are most successful when items are mismatched. Having an array of fabrics and patterns and different styles of art, interior objects and rugs will create interest and make the room feel alive.

However, styling an eclectic room doesn’t mean that anything goes. Avoid contrasting too many styles in one area as this can result in an atmosphere that is too busy and distracting.

Words by: Vanessa Nouwens. Photography by: Maree Homer /

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