10 reasons to say no to a traditional bed

Article by Homes to Love

We’re taking it back to basics with a mattress on the floor and things never looked better

How to work this look

  • Opt for luxurious linen that completely covers any hint of mattress
  • Create some height with Euro cushions and throw pillows
  • Add a pop of colour with a throw
  • Anchor the bed with a side table or two, but think outside the square – use a chair, a crate or a stack of books
  • Choose an anglepoise lamp or an adjustable reading light to ensure you have some light low enough to read
  • Veer on the side of causal with bedding. A lightly tousled look is preferable to super crisp, ironed sheets. Linen will work wonderfully for this look
  • Keep the floor clean to protect the mattress and bedlinen
  • Have a rug nearby for extra cosy-factor

Photos via: Pinterest.

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