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Why indoor trees are the house plant trend to embrace in 2019

Add a sense of drama to your home with a larger-than-life indoor tree. The ceiling’s the limit!

House plants have been an essential part of our lives for some time now, but if you’re looking to take your greenery obsession to the next level, go large. An indoor tree will transform a room, bringing a structural element to living spaces, and colour and life to traditionally sparse areas like bathrooms and laundries.

Then there are the practical benefits – indoor plants have been shown to improve air quality, create feelings of relaxation and positivity, and reduce noise levels (handy for apartment dwellers).

Of course, not all trees will be happy indoors, and the ones that are might have a few extra requirements that their outside counterparts don’t. Mature trees can also be costly, so you may want to start with a younger tree and let it grow and adapt to your home’s conditions. Read on for tips on selecting and caring for your indoor tree…

See below for our top indoor tree picks

1. Swiss cheese plant (Monstera deliciosa)

Don’t be fooled by this little guy. Monstera deliciosa like to climb and can reach great heights. They prefer indirect light, warmth amd moisture. Consider cleaning its leaves with a cloth each week to keep pests at bay.

2. Fiddle leaf fig (Ficus lyrata)

A fiddle leaf fig will happily live indoors, so long as it has good light and regular water top-ups (but don’t overdo it). Needs bright light; no drafts. Consider repotting every year until it reaches desired height.

3. Banana palm

With their large green leaves, banana plants will add a touch of the tropics to your decor. Because they grow quite tall, choose a dwarf variety for indoors.

4. Rubber plant (Ficus elastic)

While they are extremely hardy, rubber plants need lots of space in a well-lit spot away from direct sun. Consider a light fertilise every second week in spring/summer. Rubber plants can grow incredibly tall if allowed.

5. Cornstalk dracaena (Dracaena fragrans)

Positioned here at the end of the hallway, Dracaena needs a light misting on its leaves and soil and filtered light. Consider a sheer curtain to protect it from direct sunlight.

6. Dwarf date palm

Contrast a modern interior with a statement palm – pictured here int his rustic farmhouse is a dwarf date palm (right). They thrive in warm, humid environments with natural light, and also love hanging out in bathrooms.

7. Weeping fig (Ficus benjamina)

Weeping figs add a nice softness to a space with their thin branches and delicate leaves. They can be quite high maintenance a need a consistent watering regime. They are sensitive to the cold so consider setting your thermostat to regulate room temperature (around 21°C).

This article originally appeared on Homes to Love Australia.

Photography by: Serge Anton, Annette O’Brien, Kristina Soljo, Nick Scott, Martina Gemmola, Kristina Soljo, Fabrizio Ciccon, Maree Homer /

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