Shelley Ferguson’s Christmas style is all about nature

Get an inside look at the calming coastal oasis Your Home & Garden editorial director Shelley Ferguson calls home and discover what inspires her Christmas style


I’m very inspired by nature, so I like my home to reflect the outdoors. Our house looks out to the ocean and the Harbour Bridge, and we have a cute little beach at the end of the street where I often take the boys on ‘treasure-hunting trips’ to collect shells, feathers and sticks.

So this Christmas I wanted our tree to reflect our surroundings and what we love to do together. Kids are naturally curious and creative, so rather than set a ‘perfect’ theme, I like to take their lead and do something they can get really involved in. This tree is happily haphazard so it can be easily decorated by little ones – which means I don’t have to spend hours on quality control!


Tree: I opted for a real, 12-foot pine tree so the house is filled with the most gorgeous smell.

Decorations: I made loops out of thin crafter’s wire from Bunnings and twisted them around the quill of each feather for hanging. Hubby drilled small holes through each shell so I could loop wire through for hanging. Butterflies, hessian treat bags, antlers and copper seed lights continue the nature-inspired theme. I wanted to hang little round cross sections of branches, but trying to cut the wood was a disaster so I gave up!

Presents: I bought a roll of white craft paper from The Warehouse and rolled it out in the garage. The boys painted it with Resene testpots in blue and gold. They loved doing it, and I love the freestyle, painterly effect.

Decor: Adding gold accessories like the tray and vases on the coffee table gives this theme more of a luxe, occasional feel.


Get the look

On table: Coral, $138.50 each, from Republic Home; Nel Lusso cut brass vase (short vase), $49, from Father Rabbit; brass hammered plate, $99.99, from Alex & Corban. On tree: Jute bags, $4.99 pack of three, and butterflies, $6.99 pack of two, from Spotlight; antlers, $5.90 each, from French Country. All other items, Shelley’s own: rug from Artisan Flooring; Knox chair from French Country; couch from St Clements; table from Home Industry; tall vase from Your Home and Garden for Farmers; print by Kara Rosenlund.

Photography by: Wendy Fenwick.




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