11 kitchen bar stools and how to choose the right one

With kitchen islands now the norm in most modern homes, comfy bar stools are a must. Before you rush out to the shops, consider these bar essentials 

11 kitchen bar stools and how to choose the right one

  • The first thing to remember when buying bar stools is to get the height right. While most benchtops sit around 900mm from the floor, there are still plenty of variations out there so it pays to measure first. If possible, allow for at least 600mm between each stool.
  • Consider the decor and style of your kitchen when choosing your stools but also remember it isn’t essential for your seating to match, especially if your kitchen and dining areas are open plan. Mixing things up can be a lot of fun.
  • If you like to entertain and want something you can sit in for a while, choose a bar stool with a comfy back and padded seat. Stools with backs are also a good idea if you have younger children. If space is tight, backless bar stools won’t overwhelm the space and can be easily tucked away.

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Created by: Vanessa Nouwens.

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