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How to create your own hanging chair in five simple steps

For a cosy spot to read or a place to curl up in under the stars, a hanging chair is always the best seat in the house. Discover how to create one at home


You will need

– Outdoor chair, $164, from The Warehouse.
– Bolt cutters
– 10m galvanised chain
– 4 x snap clips

Step 1

Cut the chain in half with the bolt cutters. Have the chair seat handy (the chair is self-assembly so the seat is already detached from the legs).


Step 2

Take one length of chain and clip a snap clip onto the end.


Step 3

Feed the clip end around one of the chair’s solid side struts and then clip it back onto the chain, as shown in picture.


Step 4

Rest the chair on a stool or bench at the height you wish the chair to hang at, and in the spot you wish it to occupy. Take the other end of the clipped-on chain and extend it up to the ceiling joist/tree branch/veranda roof/eaves where you wish to hang it. Attach chain to the anchor point (see below) then let the rest of the chain drop down.

Step 5

Attach this chain to one of the front struts with another snap clip, using method in step 3. Adjust chain if necessary so chair is hanging at correct angle, then cut off excess chain. Repeat steps 2-4 for other side of chair.

Anchoring your chair

Consult your hardware store about the best hanging hardware to use for your chosen location. If you are hanging the chair indoors it’s important that you hang it from a ceiling joist; use a stud finder to locate one.

Safety test

Before using the chair, tug firmly on the chains to be sure they are nice and secure. Now place a very heavy object in the chair and check it again. Finally, remove the object and sit in the chair with your feet on the ground to ensure it can take the weight of an adult without strain.

Top tips

  • When you are assembling your chair, rest it on a stool or bench at the height you wish to hang it.
  • Place a sheepskin or cushion in your hanging chair for added comfort and style.
  • Make sure to safety test the chair before use (see above).

Created by: Catherine Wilkinson and Martin Laidlaw. Photography by: Angie Humphries.

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