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Four ways with dowels

Minimalist, multi-functional and right on trend, there are endless crafty possibilities with the humble dowel. Here are four creative projects to do at home


1. Breakfast tray on legs

+ Cut 4 x 8cm lengths of 32mm dowel.
+ Glue dowel pieces onto each corner of a pine board the size of your lap (ours was 30cm x 40cm).
+ Leave for 24 hours to let the glue dry.
+ Drill 2 holes down through each short end of the board and loop rope through to create handles.
+ Firmly knot rope to secure.


2. Coat stand

We found a concrete-look pot from Kmart that made an ideal base for this coat stand.
+ Paint pot in your chosen colour and let it dry.
Three-quarters fill pot with quick-dry cement (don’t add the water).
+ Stick 3 x 1.8m dowels into pot and arrange in your desired formation.
+ Pour in water according to the cement instructions and leave to dry completely.


3. Mobile

+ Cut 4 pieces of 8mm dowel at varying lengths – we cut ours to 5cm, 10cm, 25cm and 40cm.
+ Find a drill bit the same diameter as your dowels and drill a hole into 8 ping pong balls.
+ Paint the balls in a colour that suits your decor and leave to dry.
+ Attach the balls to both ends of the dowels and secure with glue.
+ Using thin fishing line, tie the line around the middle of each dowel, allowing 12-15cm of line between each.
+ Make a loop at the top for hanging.


4. Mirror frame

+ Cut 2 x 1.8m lengths of 32mm dowel.
+ Measure the length of a frameless mirror then use a router to cut a 5mm-deep slit of same length down 1 dowel, starting a little way down from the top (use photo as a guide).
+ Repeat for other dowel.
+ Fill slits with extra-strong glue and slot in mirror.
+ Fasten belts around dowels to hold in place and leave to dry for 24 hours.
+ Paint equal sections of the dowels for an extra dash of colour.

Created by: Imogen Temm. Photography by: Wendy Fenwick.

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