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Four DIY craft projects with suede

Crafting stylish accessories with soft, luxurious suede is a cinch. Let our guide to four ways with suede show you just how easy it is 


How to make a suede tablet case

First measure your tablet, then double it and mark a rectangle to these measurements on your suede, adding an extra 10mm or so to each side to allow for the thickness of your tablet. Add a triangle to this shape on a short side (this will be the flap). Fold rectangle in half and sew down each side. Separate a dome and attach the top part to the flap and the bottom part to the place where it meets the pocket.


How to make air plant hangers 

Cut a piece of square-end (1cm square) pine into a 200mm length. Cut a strip of suede 7.5mm x 600mm. Wrap one end of the strip three times around one end of the rod and tie. Repeat at other end. Make the suede longer or shorter according to your preference. Attach air plants to rod with a hot glue gun and hang.


How to make a suede tassel

Create a tassel by cutting a piece of suede 100mm x 200mm. Starting 4mm in from the end of a long edge, make a snip 85mm long. Repeat all the way along the long edge to make a fringe of 4mm-wide strips. With a hot glue gun, glue along the uncut side, a little at a time, rolling it up firmly as you go. When you’re about 80mm from the end, get a separate small strip of suede and glue one end to the edge that’s about to be rolled and the other end to the top of the roll, to form a small loop. Finish gluing and rolling the tassel. Cut a long piece of suede and feed through the loop to create an accessory for a picture frame, or cut an oblong piece of suede and attach a small tassel to make a bookmark. You can easily trim tassels to your desired length.


How to make a key chain

Create a tassel using the method above and attach to a key ring.

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Created by: Catherine Wilkinson. Photography by: Melanie Jenkins.

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