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Four DIY projects with canvas

Fresh and natural, canvas is the perfect textile to add a refined rustic edge to any room. Here are four clever ways to make the most of versatile canvas in your home


How to make a canvas floor cushion

Cut 2 pieces of canvas 73cm square. Cut 4 strips of canvas 73cm x 15cm. (When sewing, allow 2.5cm seam allowance.) Right sides together, sew 1 strip along each side of 1 square. Right sides together, sew 2nd square to 3 of strips, leaving 1 side open. Sew up all 4 corners. Turn right side out and stuff with filling. Hand-sew to close. Optional: zip and handle.


Ho to make a canvas wall organiser

Cut a 28cm x 87cm back piece. Cut 3 pockets 26cm x 23cm. Hem long sides of back. Hem all sides of pockets. On back piece, fold top down 2.5cm, fold again and sew along bottom. Repeat for bottom edge. Take pockets and concertina-fold short edges 3 times; iron folds. Working from bottom, sew on pockets, spaced 2.5cm apart. Insert 30cm dowel in top hem, 25cm dowel in bottom hem. Attach leather string and hang.


How to make a laundry hamper

Cut a 92cm x 63cm rectangle and 30cm-diameter circle. Decorate rectangle using fabric paint (we used a potato stamp), leaving blank a 10cm-wide border along 1 long edge (this will be the top and is best left blank in case the paint shows through when you fold it over). Leave to dry. With right sides together, fold rectangle in half and sew along 63cm edge to form tube. With right sides together, pin circle to bottom of tube (end without blank border) and sew together. Turn right side out. Fold over top edge twice to form 5cm cuff. Cut 2 x 80cm straps from heading tape and sew to bag.


How to make canvas storage bags

Cut a 30cm x 62cm rectangle and a 20cm-diameter circle. Follow laundry-hamper method but leave plain (if you do wish to decorate, leave about a 6cm blank band around the top).

Get the look

Hobby fill (stuffing), needles, thread, sponge brush, fabric paint and cotton heading tape all from Spotlight. Canvas from Geoff’s Emporium. Leather string from Lapco. Black and white cushion from Superette; round braided rug from Father Rabbit; throw and mug from Freedom; brown notebook from Shut The Front Door; clock from Freedom; planter basket from Trade Aid; stool from Douglas and Bec; plant and white planter from The Botanist; Turkish towel from Father Rabbit; asparagus and feijoas from Bhana Brothers. Wall painted in Resene ‘Tussock’. All other props, stylist’s own.

Created by: Shani Luckman. Photography by: Melanie Jenkins.

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