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Four ways with baskets

Stylist Sam Smith shows you four clever ways to re-purpose baskets to add a chic, rustic edge to any room


How to make a dip-dyed planter

  1. Using masking tape, tape around the centre of the basket where you want the paint to finish.
  2. Paint the bottom half of the basket.
  3. Once dry, carefully remove tape.
  4. Add a plant in a leak-proof pot.



How to make a basket pendant

  1. Cut a small circle in the base for the light fixture to fit through (our one already had a hole).
  2. Spray paint outside of basket. When dry, spray inside; or leave basket unpainted.
  3. Cut a piece of hard plastic into a circle slightly bigger than hole in base.
  4. Cut out a circle in centre of disc wide enough to loosely fit electric cord.
  5. Cut a slit in plastic ring through to the middle.
  6. Push light fitting through hole and slide plastic disc onto cord to stop the light pulling out of the basket. Hang.


How to make tribal-inspired wall baskets

  1. Research African basket patterns and sketch out a few on paper.
  2. Lightly pencil your pattern onto basket then mark out the reverse of your pattern (the part that won’t be painted) with masking tape.
  3. Paint with acrylic paint or spray paint.
  4. Once dry, hang in an arrangement on your wall.



How to make hanging trays

  1. Buy 3 identical baskets with a small hole in centre of base.
  2. Cut cord into 3 equal lengths.
  3. Tie cords together in knot bigger than hole.
  4. Thread cords down through base so knot sits inside basket and cords hang down.
  5. Take 1 cord and thread up through side of basket.
  6. Repeat with other 2 cords, equally spaced apart.
  7. Add another basket on top, knotting cords to rim.
  8. Repeat with third basket. Knot cords together at top, then hang and fill.


Get the look

Mai basket from Freedom; stool from Indie Home Collective; plant from The Botanist; rug beater from Freedom. Bamboo cloche basket (painted black) from Garden Objects; chair, throw and plant from Indie Home Collective; cushion from Nodi; white basket from Freedom; black vase from Republic Home. Wall baskets (unpainted) from Japanese Lifestyle Goods and Trade Aid. Hanging baskets from Freedom; notebooks, pencils, string and scissors from Father Rabbit; small vase from Shut The Front Door. All wool, twine, craft paint, spray paint, cord and plastic from Spotlight. Wall painted in Resene ‘Bonanza’. All other props, stylist’s own.

Created by: Sam Smith. Photography by: Wendy Fenwick.

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