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Four projects with pegboard

Discover how to transform the humble pegboard into stylish and practical pieces for your home with these four simple projects


1. Placemats

Using a dinner plate as a guide, trace a circle on your pegboard sheet. Cut with a jigsaw and sand the edges back. Paint three coats of desired paint, then when dry glue a circular piece of grey felt on the underside.

To finish, edge the circles with leather cord using hot glue or super glue. You can also use this method for coasters – just make the circles smaller!


 2. In-tray

Draw a template onto your pegboard sheet. We cut a base of 26cm x 35cm, and two sides of 5cm x 35cm (with a diagonal slant on one end), plus a back piece of 26cm x 5cm.

Cut them out using a skill-saw or hand-saw. Sand the rough edges back and, using super glue or wood glue, stick the pieces together. When dry, sand off any bits of glue and paint three coats.


3. Hot plate

We created three differently shaped hot plates that can be hung from a leather strap. Mark out your desired size on a sheet of pegboard. Cut out with a skill-saw or hand-saw. Sand back the rough edges and paint with three coats of paint.

Fold a strip of leather and super glue the ends to either side of your shape to make a loop. Glue a layer of grey felt underneath for another layer of heat protection.


4. Moodboard

Measure out 68cm x 50cm on your sheet of pegboard (or any desired size). Cut with a skill-saw or hand saw. Cut 2 x 48cm pieces and 2 x 66cm pieces of half-round pine rods. Sand the rough edges.

Using wood glue or super glue, stick down the pine pieces to frame your pegboard. Glue on some wooden pegs where desired.

Created by: Catherine Wilkinson. Photography by: Toaki Okano.

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