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Four stylish, storage projects using pine

Stylish and versatile, pine is the perfect material for DIY. Discover these four easy projects to keep your home clean and clutter free


1. Wine glass holder

+  You’ll need a piece of pine 280mm x 800mm x 19mm thick, and 8 x 75mm flat-head nails.
+  Measure 10cm down from short end of pine and draw a faint line across.
+  Mark line at 6cm, 8cm, 20cm and 22cm then hammer in nails at these points; leave nails protruding enough to hang your wine glasses from.
+  Draw another line 45cm down from same edge, and repeat. Attach holder to wall and hang glasses.


2. Coat rack

+  This easy coat rack can be whipped up in a jiffy. Get a piece of pine 1200mm x 135mm x 19mm thick.
+  Paint 5 wooden knobs; we used different-sized knobs and made a pattern on some using masking tape.
+  When dry, screw in a knob every 200mm along the length of the pine. Attach to the wall.


3. String noticeboard

+  Use 2 pieces pine 18mm x 18mm x 600mm long.
+  Make mark at 10cm, 20cm, 30cm, 40cm and 50cm along middle of one side. Repeat on other piece of pine.
+  Drill holes all the way through at these marks; holes should be just wide enough to feed through twine.
+  Thread 1m length of twine through each hole from 1 piece of pine to the other, securing at each end with a knot. Attach 2 flat picture hooks to back of 1 piece of pine and hang.


4. Key holder

+  Get a piece of pine 300mm x 45mm x 19mm thick. Cut slits halfway through the wood every 6cm.
+  Attach a key to one end of a length of twine and add beads or similar to the other end, securing with knots to stop the beads. Repeat with 3 more keys.
+  Attach holder to wall and insert twine into slits with beaded ends at top. Now your keys won’t wander.

Get the look

Concrete wallpaper (Essentially Yours BN47561), $101.99 a roll, from Aspiring Walls; Marina trolley, $139.99, from EziBuy; Harrison and Lane wine glasses, $35 for four, from The Warehouse; Gin Palace book (green), $49.99, and pineapple honeycomb straws, $12.99 pack of 12, all from Shut The Front Door; Crafters Union Pinot Gris, $16.99, from New World; black vase (on trolley), $10, from Kmart. Eiffel rocker chair, $129.95, from Zuca; Status Anxiety Lair bag, $339, from Shut The Front Door; wooden hooks set, $12, from Kmart; scarf, $89.90, from Country Road; San Fran heels, $49.95, from Rubi Shoes. Ruben Ireland print, $69.99, from Shut The Front Door; Kassa stool, $109.90, from Bed Bath & Beyond. Two-tone hall table, $39, from Kmart; Serra vase (on table), $89.90, and Java picture frame, $49.90, from Country Road; Monochrome Home book, $49.99, and Remodelista book, $79.99, from Shut The Front Door. Greenery from Blush Flowers; pine from Mitre 10. Concrete jar (straws) and jacket, stylist’s own.

Created by: Vanessa Nouwens. Photography by: Wendy Fenwick.

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