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Five DIY decoration hacks for Christmas

Give your Christmas decorations a personal touch, and get crafting with these five clever hacks for this festive time of year


1. Ping pong ball lights

Lights make your tree sparkle but ping pong ball lights will take it to a new level. All you need is a selection of ping pong balls and a string of LED fairy lights. Cut a slit in the balls and place them over your fairy lights at random intervals. Remember to use LED lights as standard lights will cause the balls to overheat.

2. Animal baubles

For a different type of table or tree decoration, think wildlife. Spray-paint plastic animals in the colour of your choice and place them inside clear plastic baubles. If you want to hang them on your Christmas tree you’ll need to attach some string or cord.


Ping pong balls, $5 for pack of six, and fairy lights, from $12, all from The Warehouse. Plastic animals are available from The Warehouse, Toyworld and discount stores.

3. Napkins

For an on-trend natural look, tie leather string or strips of lightweight leather around your napkins to put the finishing touches to your Christmas table. A sprig of rosemary or lavender will add a subtle scent.


Kina plates, from $16 each, linen napkins, $49 for four, and tablecloth, $149, all from Nest; gold cutlery set, $499, salt and pepper grinders, $115 each, all from Father Rabbit; rattan placemats, $17.99 each, from Freedom; leather ties from Lapco.

4. Leather handles

Choose a sturdy wooden chopping board (preferably not bamboo as the wood can split when hammered). Measure and cut two strips of heavy leather, each 2cm x 22cm, with a craft knife. Position a leather handle at either end of the board and secure using brass tacks or flat-head nails.


Rectangular chopping board, $12, from The Warehouse; round board, $96, and knife, $34, both from Father Rabbit; Kina plates, from $16, from Nest; leather from Lapco.

5. Linen tassels

A great way to identify your presents on the day is to divide them into personalised baskets so they are ready to go. Choose a piece of linen in a different colour for each family or group you are giving to. Tear the linen into 30cm x 2cm strips. Bunch all the strips together and fold in half. Tie the bunch at the folded end and attach to the basket.


Saigon oval basket, $59.95, Tahoma basket, $139, and seagrass barrel, $159, all from Freedom; linen from Martha’s Fabrics.

Words by: Catherine Wilkinson and Shani Luckman.  Photography by: Melanie Jenkins.

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