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How to make your own vertical pot plant hanger at home

Make a gorgeous living wall for your kitchen or outdoor area with just a simple recycled pallet and a few basic materials



– Wooden pallet
– Ruler
– Pencil
– 100mm pipe (saddle) clips
– Screws shorter than depth of pallet planks
– Drill with Phillips head and drill bit
– 12cm terracotta pots


Secondhand pallet $0
7 x pipe clips $48.02
Screws $4.90
7 x pots $8.75
Assorted plants $35

Total: $96.67


Step 1
Lay pallet on the floor right-side up. Work out where you want your pot plants to sit by laying pipe clips across the spaces and moving them around until you’re happy. Mark these spots in pencil by ruling straight lines between the planks, as shown.


Step 2
Position saddle clips along the pencil lines and screw each one in place using two screws and a drill.

Step 3
Place plants in pots. Sit pallet upright and slide pots into clips. Hang pallet planter from wall hooks or lean it against the wall.


Top tips 

  • Most large hardware stores will give away unused pallets if you ask. Businesses will often leave them out on the verge with a ‘free’ sign so keep a lookout.
  • Paint or stain your pallet for a different look.
  • If you have trouble finding pipe clips, try using leather straps instead.
  • Use artificial plants for less mess!

Photography by: Maree Homer. Styling by: Jackie Brown and Kerrie-Ann Jones/

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