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4 fun craft projects with faux fur that will add warmth to your home

From plush pillows to hot water bottles, these DIY projects with faux fur will make it easy to cuddle up in the winter months

1. Cushion 

+ To make this open-back envelope cushion cover, take a piece of 100cm x 50cm faux fur.
+ Place a 50cm x 50cm cushion insert on the fluffy side and wrap the two ends over it so they overlap.
+ Pin side seams to secure, then remove insert.
+ Sew down the sides of the cover, turn right way out and reinsert cushion.


2. Door stop

+ Cut a 34cm x 24cm rectangle and a 12cm-diameter circle out of faux fur.
+ Fold large piece in half, fur-side in, and sew down long side.
+ Sew round piece, fur-side in, to one end to create bottom of door stop.
+ Turn right side out.
+ Take a large snap-lock bag, fill with rice, seal at top and pop into pouch.
+ Fold in top edges and insert a 16cm satin ribbon folded in half, then sew to close top.
+ The ribbon loop acts as a handle for the door stop.


Bench seat

+ Take a piece of faux fur large enough to cover top and sides of your bench seat plus an extra 5cm all round.
+ Lay on floor, fur-side down.
+ Place seat upside down on top of fabric; position it so you have room to pull fabric up on all four sides.
+ Starting with each end, use a staple gun to secure fur to underside of seat. Then work your way down the sides.
+ There are a few ways to deal with the corners: we folded the ends on an angle and secured underneath.


4. Hot-water bottle cover 

+ Take a 56cm x 50cm piece of faux fur; use selvedge (non-fraying edge) for one of the long sides.
+ Fold in half, fur-side in.
+ Make sure the selvedge is at the top.
+ Sew down the long side and along the bottom. Turn right way out.
+ Pop in your bottle and tie a 95cm satin or velvet ribbon around the neck. This is an easy project that can be completed in 15 minutes.

Created by: Vanessa Nouwens. Photography by: Wendy Fenwick.

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