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Get creative this Christmas with one of these DIY trees

Article by Homes to Love

Thinking of switching up your Christmas tree style this year? We’ve rounded up our favourite creative and quirky alternatives that are easy to make at home


Take 1m thick felt and draw a tree shape onto it, using our image as a guide.

Cut and attach to your wall using picture strips.

Add a star to the top and pin your decorations onto the tree using drawing pins.

Beach vibes

Comb your local beach for pieces of driftwood in different lengths (you can also buy driftwood online).

Spray paint each piece white then use a drill and long screws to secure horizontal pieces to one long vertical piece.

Decorate with bright-coloured wool and adorn with a few beach-inspired baubles.


A good yarn

Make a light mark on the wall where you want the apex of the tree to go and hammer in a small nail.

Tie a long piece of wool to the nail and let it drop to the ground.

Mark the base point of the tree where the wool falls (pull the wool taut and make sure it is perpendicular to the floor) then hammer in a small nail.

Pull wool taut and tie to nail. From this point, use a ruler to mark even spaces along base in both directions. Put nails into each point.

Tie wool from top nail down to each point, making sure wool is taut. Trim ends of wool and add a decorative star.


Lean against a spare wall.

Decorate and hang decorations and Christmas cards from the rungs.

Pine tree

Cut pine (6cm wide x 1cm thick) into these lengths: 1m (trunk), 50cm, 44cm, 36cm, 32cm, 27cm, 20cm, 16cm, 12cm, 8cm and 6cm.

Lay branches across trunk, leaving about 3cm in between.

Secure each branch to trunk with two screws (screw in from back).

Prop against (or secure to) wall and add decorations.

Origami Inspired

Fold a long rectangle of paper into zigzags (start at the short end and fold down the length of the paper).

Fan paper out into a circle shape and join ends together with a few staples, then simply Blu Tack each rosette to the wall.

Mix up the sizes and colours for rhythm and scale and make sure it’s not top-heavy. You can even use the rosettes to decorate gifts – pretty and affordable.


Flip your books around on your bookcase.

Arrange them in a tree-shaped fashion.

Colour code them by spine to take it to another level.

Let it snow

Create a Lapland scene in your home with a snow-inspired tree and whimsical deer ornaments.

Simply insert a dowel rod into a foam block, then cut cardboard into different lengths.

Fold the largest piece of cardboard so ends meet, make a hole with scissors towards the edge, then thread onto dowel rod.

Repeat with remaining pieces of cardboard, largest to smallest and top with a sparkly star.


Cut and fold up a few hessian sacks. Stuff with materials/pillow inners.

Sew together the sides.

Pin against a spare wall and attach decorations.

Honeycomb tree

String together honeycomb poms and a hula hoop (for the bottom).

Slice up a log and layer it up for the base.


Getting twiggy with it

Arrange twisted willow (or similar) in a large jar.

Twist battery-operated seed lights around branches.

Thread on dried or fresh flowers (we used ‘Chinese Snowball’ viburnum). Add decorations.

Photography by: Wendy Fenwick, Todd Eyre & Felix Forest/

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