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Create your own easy-build rustic chopping boards

These easy-build boards are perfect for food preparation or as rustic serving platters.



Cutting boards are not only handy to have in the kitchen they are also a rustic and casual way to serve snacks and meals. I serve grilled meats straight from the barbecue on a large board, and individual boards are great for serving classics like steak frites or small individual cheese selections. Large boards are fantastic to create dinner party drama when spread with a selection of antipasto ingredients and cheeses.


  • Untreated pine timber (we used a selection of 20mm- and 30mm-thick pieces of various widths, plus 450mm wide x 14mm thick-edge laminated panel which is less likely to warp for the large round boards.)
  • Hand saw
  • Jigsaw or scroll saw
  • Pencil
  • Sand paper or detail sander
  • Wood drill bit & drill
  • Cooking oil & rag
  • Cord or thin rope

Step 1: With a handsaw cut timber piece to the length you want.


Step 2: Lightly mark out the handle at one end of the board with a pencil (allow room for the hole to be cut) or the circular shape if you are making a round board.


Step 3: Cut around the pencil mark with a band saw or scroll saw.


Step 4: Cut a large hole into the handle with a drill.


Step 5:
Sand all sharp and rough edges. If the timber is new, try not to sand the already smooth cutting surface.


Step 6: Using a soft cloth, rub vegetable oil into the top of your board to season it (this avoids food staining and protects the timber). Apply another coat of oil two hours later.

Step 7: Tie a short length of cord through hole at the handle and securely knot it.

Step 8: When oil has absorbed the new board is ready for use.

TIP: Do not fully immerse in water to clean. Use a soft cloth or sponge and gently clean surface with diluted soapy water. Allow to dry out of heat and direct sunlight. Re-season with oil as required.

Created by: Fiona Hugues
Photography by: Jani Shepherd of Gatherum Collectif
Interior Designer: Fiona Hugues

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