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IKEA launch an indoor garden orb big enough to sit in

IKEA takes indoor gardening to new heights with the launch of The Growroom, a flatpack garden orb designed to encourage growing food at home


IKEA launch an indoor garden orb big enough to sit in

IKEA have taken flat-pack furniture to whole new level with the announcement of a plywood flat-pack garden orb, so big that you can actually sit inside it!

Let us introduce you to The Growroom, a spherical garden structure designed to empower people to grow their own food in a stylish and sustainable way, brought to life by Space10, a ‘future-living lab’ sponsored by IKEA.


Designed for, but not exclusive to, urban dwellings, when assembled The Growroom measures 2.8×2.5m, meaning it could fit in most living, dining or balcony areas and, as you can sit inside it, it’s technically not taking up any extra room as it creates another (magical and totally zen) zone for you to enjoy.

As stated on their website, “SPACE10 envision a future, where we grow our own food much more locally.

“To spark conversations about how we can bring nature back into our cities, grow our own food and tackle the rapidly increasing demand for significantly more food in the future, we teamed up with architects Sine Lindholm and Mads-Ulrik Husum to create The Growroom.”


While the finished flat-pack is not yet available in store, the template and step-by-step instructions are available to download for free this month.


According to Space10, all you then need to build the cubby-like orb “is two rubber hammers, 17 sheets of ply wood and a visit your local fab lab or maker space with a CNC milling machine.”

Words by: Olivia Clarke. Images via: Space10.

This article  was originally published on Homes to Love Australia

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