10 planters you need right now

A compilation of 10 planters to bring the outside in and the inside out


Going green

  • The addition of living greenery to your home will soften the edges and make your space seem calmer and more welcoming, not to mention it will also transform or enhance the existing style of any room.
  • To ensure your plants thrive, make sure your pot is the right size for your plant. Pots that are too small for your plant will dry out quickly while larger plants need bigger pots to ensure they don’t become root-bound. Drainage is important, too, so you may need to put one pot inside another to avoid leakage.


1. Hanging planter, $32.99, from Shut the Front Door. 2. Tall urn, $65, from French Country Collections. 3. Hanging planter, $65, from Paper Plane. 4. Ceramic pot on stand, $129.99, from Ezibuy. 5. Concrete planter, $119, from Crave Home. 6. Claybird spec and gold planter, $34.99, from Alex & Corban. 7. Dipped blue pot, $7, from Kmart. 8. Serax coloured pots, $27 and $30, from Father Rabbit9. Large brass plant stand, $299, from Me & My Trend. 10. Moss pots, set of three $39.95, from Freedom. 11. Stanley pots, $12 each, from The Warehouse. 12. Mosspot, $10, from Nest.

Compiled by: Vanessa Nouwens.