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Contemporary Christmas in Epsom

Take a tour of the ultimate party pad in Epsom, Auckland, where styling guru Alanna ‘the Planner’ Haysmith has set the scene for a festive celebration


Style secrets

Who styled this home? Alanna ‘the Planner’ Haysmith, who owns Entertaining, an event management, design and hire company, and Lisa Courtney, who owns The Pretty Baker, an online retro-inspired party and baking supplies store. Together the pair collaborate on product launches, kids’ parties and weddings, with Alanna working on concept, and Lisa on production.

Alanna, where do you get your ideas from? I start by looking around at what I already have. Then I think, ‘how can I use this effectively alongside things that won’t cost too much?’. Have a vision in mind but remain flexible. “I try not to be too set on my ideas. There’s always a bit of experimenting. If you have too firm a plan you can miss out on making something look better,” says Alanna.

Decor tricks

  • Invest in a decent toolbox filled with a glue gun, staple gun, adhesives and plenty of no-damage hooks. As well as sourcing product from The Pretty Baker, Alanna loves perusing $2 shops, Look Sharp and Spotlight
    for decorations to keep on hand.
  • Consider hiring plates, cutlery or centerpieces for the dining table. It’s economical for a special occasion.
  • Display baking on pretty plates, and group together jars of candy canes. Gold or silver-painted pine cones or macadamia nuts look great on shelves or a table.


Visit: alannatheplanner.co.nztheprettybaker.co.nz.

Words by: Rebecca Barry Hill
Photography by: Todd Eyre
Interior Designer: Alanna ‘the planner’; Produced by Lisa Courtney